There's nothing wrong with a little friendly competition!


Sidekick is an exercise app focus around competing with your friends. The idea is that seeing your friends reach their exercise goals will motivate you to not only reach your goals but strive to surpass them as well. You can even send reminders to your friends to do their goals. Don't have any friends? No problem! Sidekick features a friend finder option that allows you to match up with others looking for an exercise buddy.


The prototype for the Sidekick app was created with InVision.


To enter the app, simply click on the log in button. This takes you to the home page, which features your personal goals. From the home page, you can look at the app settings, look at your group goals, or share the "do 100 squats" goal. In the menu bar, you can view the friends, add a goal, finder, or chat pages.


On the friends page, adding a friend, chatting with and viewing Asha's profile, and viewing the leaderboard are available.


Sidekick Team Building

Sidekick Team Building is a series of fitness events sponsored by Sidekick. These events range from anywhere from yoga to triathlons. Sidekick teams up with local gyms to get people more excited about fitness. By showing the app at a participating gym, certain events will be discounted. So take that spin class you've been dying to try and make some new friends, there's no "I" in team!

Smartwatch Compatibility

When connecting with a smart watch, users gain many features that make keeping on track easier. The watch can notify users when their goals are about to expire as well as show your current goal. Using the smart watch application also introduces a pedometer function and makes tracking everyday goals easy.

Get Connected

Using Facebook and other social media, Sidekick advertises local events. When clicking on the advertisement, you will be taken to Sidekick's list of local events where you can sign up and get started!

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